Continuă să Zbori...

Continuă să Zbori...

Muzica si text: Paula Redes Voci aditionale: Lydia Moldovan Chitara acustica: Cristian Vesa Chitara electrica: Petre Lucaci Clapa: Beniamin Puscas Bass: Cristian Vesa Tobe: James Lumley Productie video: David Ardelean Actori: Cazacu Melany, Cazacu Philip, Cazacu Timothy Inregistrare: Infinity Sound Mix/Master: Calin Ciupe Album cover: Zsolt Libus Design: Elis Biro --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fly on, fly on
Forget about the night and wind
You’re more precious than the birds that sing

Fly under the shadow of God
Nothing is holding you back
Uuuhuu, so fly on

Spread your wings, spread your wings
Forget about the raging sea
There’s much more to life than what you see

You’re a story that was written
Long before you knew the sky
Don’t lose hope and don’t get heavy
Because you born to fly.

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